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Iron Mike Tyson’s Secret Sauce

December 03, 2020

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Mike Tyson -CBD healthThe sports world was on tilt this last week as Mike Tyson “boxed” Roy Jones Jr. in a four round exhibition match. Many loved it, some hated it. Millions watched.
Regardless of your view on the match, one thing is clear: Mike Tyson looked to be in phenomenal shape at age 54 weighing in at a trim 220lbs.
It was reported that Tyson lost 100lbs in preparation for the bout!
How did Tyson, who stands 5’10” and weighed around 220 pounds in his prime, balloon above 300lbs? Tyson, as we all know, experienced some dark times during and after his professional career.
During a 2019 interview, Iron Mike explained that he got hooked on prescription pain medications. It is understandable that someone with the aches and pains would seek relief. For Tyson, these prescription medications caused behavioral changes and ultimately a stint in rehab.
He let himself go, consumed by addiction and the other stresses of life. His weight reflected his underlying issues. But then something changed:
Tyson reported that he began to use CBDs and called it “almost like a miracle drug” which helped address his pain. But Tyson went further.
He explained that CBDs also had a profound effect on his mental health. Tyson explained how CBD helped him (and helped others) who had traumatic experiences such as head trauma from years of boxing.
Tyson summed it by saying it, CBD, “turned out to be magnificent.”
Fast forward to 2020. Tyson shed 100lbs and appeared in peak physical condition in his bout against Roy Jones Jr. which ended in a draw—though many believe he won.
While not everyone can claim the rare physical prowess of Iron Mike Tyson, his experience with CBD is something certainly not limited to him.
That is because quality CBDs interact with the body’s parasympathetic nervous system and endocannabinoid system. Research shows these systems regulate or otherwise impact a person’s mental and physical health, from stress to pain to sleep and many stops in between.
If you think CBDs are worth a try, be sure to purchase only the highest quality product that you know is clean, USDA certified organic, domestically grown, and presenting the full spectrum of cannabinoids. Did we mention that’s exactly the quality level of the CBD oil offered by
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