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Glass House hit with worker class action

February 26, 2024

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A class action lawsuit has been filed against Glass House Brands Inc. (OTCQX: GLASF) and several of its subsidiaries, alleging numerous labor law violations.

The employee-led suit accused the California-based company of not providing sick leave, failing to pay minimum wage, and denying legally mandated lunch breaks, according to court documents obtained by Law360.

Additionally, it alleges that the company enforced unlawful work quotas on its employees.

Lead plaintiff Gerardo Melendez aims to represent a wide group of current and former employees who worked in real estate or cannabis cultivation for Glass House in Carpinteria. The lawsuit also names Labor Force Management Inc., a staffing firm accused of supplying workers to Glass House under these conditions.

The complaint contends that Glass House required employees to work more than eight hours per day and 40 hours per week without paying overtime, in violation of state labor laws. It also claims the company set excessive work quotas, such as expecting a single worker to process four pounds of cannabis each day, breaching California labor laws.

Further allegations include not compensating workers for time needed to put on and remove work-required gear, failing to provide a second lunch break during 10-hour shifts, and a range of other violations such as not offering suitable seating, accurate wage statements, reimbursement for business expenses, or final wages upon termination of employment.

The lawsuit seeks damages under California’s Private Attorneys General Act for anyone who worked for the company over the past four years. It specifically mentions an extension of the statute of limitations for certain claims during the COVID-19 pandemic, from April 6 to October 1, 2020.

Named in the suit are subsidiaries GH Camarillo LLC, Glass House Camarillo Cultivation LLC, Glass House Brands Inc., and Mission Health Associates Inc. Although CEO Kyle Kazan is mentioned, he is not listed as a defendant in the lawsuit.


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