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Double Your Impact This Week

September 19, 2022

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It’s officially the final sprint towards Election Day and things are heating up. With four states officially voting on legalization this November and two more that are battling lawsuits to get on the ballot, we have to really come together to ensure we can take cannabis freedom to millions of more Americans.

It won’t be easy. We know the overwhelming majority of voters agree with us, but special interests and dark money groups are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at us. They have filed numerous, frivolous legal challenges trying to prevent legalization ballot measures from going before voters. You know why? Because they are desperate. They are terrified because they know if voters get their day, we win. So, they are trying to cheat the system to prevent that from happening.

We can win all across the country, but we need help to have the resources to fight back. 

Thankfully, a generous angel donor is offering to match all donations made to NORML this week.

Donate today and double your impact. Let’s show big special interests that they will always lose to a truly people powered moment.



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