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Yoga and Cannabis: A Meditative Match Made in Heaven

August 14, 2022

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Autumn Brands Yoga

Known for their hands-on, artisanal cultivation methods, Autumn Brands explores the powerful synergy between cannabis and yoga

Does cannabis improve the yoga experience? Autumn Brands says absolutely! The 100% woman-owned company with a refreshingly sustainable approach is on a mission to bring the holistic health benefits of potent, pesticide-free cannabis to customers across California. A sixth-generation family farming operation known for its uniquely hands-on, artisanal methods, Autumn Brands is committed to helping customers understand how to safely enjoy the benefits of cannabis, including its power to enhance and deepen yoga practice.  

A rich historical record dating back thousands of years suggests yogis have enhanced their practice with cannabis for generations. In the Hindu tradition, Shiva is known as a patron god of yoga and marijuana, gifting cannabis to mankind as a spiritual opportunity. According to NPR, THC is thought to relax the body and cleanse the mind of earthly worries and desires, empowering the user to establish a clearer connection with the spiritual world. This mental reset is the reason many believe marijuana is the perfect complement to the meditative practice of yoga.

Cannabis is often prized for its ability to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, inflammation, and bodily aches and pains. Many yogis believe it can also enhance the mind-body connection – one of the central purposes of the practice and one of Autumn Brands’ core values. Autumn Brands is helping customers “inhale, exhale, and smile,” achieving optimum wellness and mind-body balance through the safe and healthy use of premium, pesticide-free cannabis. Reach a higher state of peace and tranquility – in life and in yoga practice – with the potent cannabis strains from Autumn Brands. Every sun-grown bud is hang-dried, hand-trimmed, and lab-tested to verify THC and CBD levels. Committed to a no-spray growth process, Autumn Brands works hard to bring sustainably sourced, farm-to-consumer cannabis. Follow on Instagram @AutumnBrands_  for the latest product releases and updates.

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