Grow Bud Yourself Episode 78 - Grow Life 420

Grow Bud Yourself Episode 78

November 13, 2021

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Episode 78 of Grow Bud Yourself sifts out and extracts all the information you need to grow your own weed from soil to oil. 

First, Danny and Mike discuss the recent destruction of thousands of pounds of cannabis in Washington state. 

The interview is with solventless hash pioneer and extraction expert Marcus "Bubbleman" Richardson, who describes his decades-long obsession with hemp, cannabis & hashish, and the art of separating glandular trichome heads from their stalks. Marc also explains why, "if it doesn't bubble, it's not worth the trouble."  

The cultivation segment features Danny on choosing your grow medium: soil, hydro & more, as well as answers to listener grow questions. 

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