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Executive Spotlight: MariMed CEO Bob Fireman

September 28, 2021

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Robert (Bob) Fireman has served as CEO and President of MariMed, Inc. since July 2017, and has served as a director of the company since its formation. Bob has been a driving force of the legal cannabis industry since 2010, when he and current MariMed CFO Jon Levine entered the industry through an investment in a California cannabis license. Over most of the next decade, the company served as advisors to license holders in multiple states, successfully helping them secure their licenses, hiring and training their staff, providing management services to them, designing and developing their facilities, and developing and licensing to them a number of high-quality, proprietary products.

Bob subsequently led the company’s successful transformation to a plant-touching, highly profitable multi-state operator that cultivates, produces and distributes award-winning cannabis products that are top-sellers in the markets in which they are available. They include the premium flower brand Nature’s Heritage, Betty’s Eddies fruit chews, K-Fusion precision-dosed, chewable mint tablets, and more.

Prior to MariMed, Bob developed a number of successful businesses across diverse industries. He created Consumer Card Marketing, Inc (CCMI), which pioneered the implementation of card-based loyalty marketing programs for 50,000 retail, grocery and drug stores and was later sold to a division of News Corporation. Later, he created and now sits on the Board of Directors of Sky Vegetables, a hydroponic farming company that delivers fresh produce to lower-income citizens in the Bronx, New York. 

Mr. Fireman holds a BA degree from the University of Wisconsin and a JD from Suffolk University Law School.


Robert (Bob) Fireman


CEO and President


MariMed, Inc. (OTCQX: MRMD)

Years at current company: 

8 years.

Education profile:

BA degree from the University of Wisconsin 

JD from Suffolk University Law School

Most successful professional accomplishment before cannabis:

I’m perhaps most proud to have devoted most of my professional and personal life to helping improve the lives of those less fortunate than me. That’s core to MariMed’s mission, but it’s been a consistent thread for decades. For example, I was a political activist and also served as a public defender in my early years as an attorney. Later, I founded an urban hydro-farming business that delivers fresh produce to lower-income citizens in the Bronx, NY.  

Company Mission:

MariMed is dedicated to improving lives every day through our products, actions, and values. 

Company’s most successful achievement:

We have built a successful and profitable business while maintaining a culture of collaboration, innovation, compassion, and integrity. I believe that’s what has driven the trust in our products that we’ve established with our customers, and ultimately why they are top sellers in the markets where they’re available.

Has the company raised any capital (yes or no): 


If so, how much?:

$105 million.

Any plans on raising capital in the future?

Not at this time. Our strong balance sheet and cash position have positioned us to implement our strategic growth plan without the need to raise additional funds.

Most important company 5-year goal:

MariMed’s most important 5-year goal is to own the most beloved, trusted, and best-selling cannabis products in the country while being recognized as an exceptional corporate citizen. 

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