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Ditch the Wine; Modern-Day Mom’s are Finding Cannabis is the Perfect All-Natural Stress Buster

May 04, 2021

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For moms in particular, cannabis consumption is becoming a preferred way to “take the edge off” without the negative effects of alcohol but while enjoying the positive effects of THC, CBD and many other cannabinoids found in cannabis. Recent studies show that not only has recreational cannabis use increased significantly during the pandemic, but the sales growth among females has been double the growth rate for men. According to a High Times study, the vast majority of women who use cannabis are adults, educated, healthy and self-sufficient. 

“This has been an incredibly challenging time for us all. Moms have had additional stress. As a mom, the combination of cannabis and going on a run is the perfect recipe. When I come back from the run, I am present and an engaged mom ready to sit with my kids and do a puzzle,” says Autumn Brands’ co-founder Autumn Shelton. “It is important to be honest and transparent with kids that are old enough to be aware and use it responsibly and moderately.”

A consumer data report states that the two main reasons women use cannabis are to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Additional reasons are to manage chronic pain, enhance sleep quality, and prevent nausea. Women are also turning to cannabis to relieve gynecological issues and improve sexual health. Many moms enjoy the relaxing nature of cannabis without alcohol’s adverse effects: dehydration, calories, and hangovers. Like a fine wine, cannabis can be enjoyed in a social, relaxed setting, and an added plus is that the body reaps the positive effects, like reduced inflammation and better sleep.

For moms looking to take the edge off with non head-high, Autumn Brands Nourishing Muscle and Joint Salve is the perfect way to target muscle and joint relief, general body relaxation, and improved sleep. The combination of cannabinoids from estate grown cannabis, magnesium, and arnica calms the body and works in sync to soothe and repair, and relax. Just an application wherever you’re seeking relief and the relaxation begins.

Autumn Brands has many options for the mom that is looking for all-natural cannabis relaxation. Products include a full selection of premium flower and pre-rolls and the Nourishing Muscle and Joint Salve, which pairs anti-inflammatory cannabinoids with transdermal magnesium and soothing arnica. Coming early next month, discover Autumn Brands Warrior Elixir and Thrive Elixir. Visit the company’s website at AutumnBrands.com to locate the nearest participating dispensaries and delivery services. Follow @AutumnBrands on Instagram for the latest product releases and updates.


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