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Terpene Technologists Report Anti-Covid Breakthrough

April 07, 2021

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CANNABIS CULTURE – Israeli-based Technologies firm Eybna says a recently discovered combination of terpenes and CBD has the potential to manage the symptoms of COVID-19, and may even prevent infection altogether. 

Nadav Eyal, CEO and co-founder of Eybna

“We used our database and advanced data-mining and formulation design methodologies to research and isolate terpenes with elevated anti-inflammatory properties and optimize their ratios.” Says Nadav Eyal CEO and co-founder of Eybna. “This enabled us to develop and manufacture a patented data-driven terpene formulation that is effective, safe, and synergetic.”

For the last 6 years, Eybna has been studying the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant and its phytochemicals for use in adult wellness products.  When COVID-19 first emerged, Eybna partnered with CannaSoul to analyze the potential of terpenes and cannabis phytotoxins.  Eyal states, “With the lack of safe anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs, we decided to put our knowledge and formulation technology to the test – by demonstrating their efficacy versus dexamethasone, a steroid which has many unknown side effects. The results of this study exceeded our expectations.”  

Aptly named NT-VRL, this formulation consists of terpenes from sources such as eucalyptol, beta caryophyllene, and citral, added with CBD.  Eybna claims the composition to be safer and more effective than the majority of the pharmaceutical products on the international market currently used for COVID-19.   Eyal explained, “The 30-ingredient natural formulation avoids the high concentration of single-ingredient, and therefore is much safer to cells in our body than synthetic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. The data-driven formulation works via various mechanisms of action in our body, making it more effective.”

NT-VRL terpene composition is being peer-reviewed in 11 studies currently, including studies that show protective agents could also prevent inflammatory illnesses in vitro directly related to COVID-19.  Testing is starting with Human Coronavirus strain E229 (HCoV-E229), which has similar properties to COVID-19 but is regarded as safer to work within lab settings.  There are a variety of COVID-19 strains now active worldwide, and Eybna plans to work with these in the near future.  

In reference to Eybna’s discovery and its value in relation to the pandemic, the journal Life wrote, “Even though the vaccination of the world’s population against COVID-19 has begun and is expected to proceed gradually, there is no clear expectation of completion. However, some individuals will not be vaccinated due to personal choice or health limitations. In addition, several population groups such as younger age groups will be the last to get vaccinated. A natural antiviral solution with minimal side effects that can be used alone or in conjunction with vaccines as a preventative treatment may be a safe and relatively easy way to reduce infection in those populations.”

Eybna looks forward to being able to continue their research into highlighting the proven scientific benefits of cannabis and evolving it into effective, safe, targeted use.  According to Eyal, “Research and technology are quickly evolving to help access the huge untapped potential of terpenes. We believe that we are positioned to have a major contribution to that evolution, and we’re working hard to continue investigating the full scope of can

nabis phytochemicals functional uses for health and wellness.”

NT-VRL is already on the market along with partners such as Esteem and Provacan and Loop Labs with products such as the Nano Mist Inhaler and Oral Spray canister designed to optimize delivery, with more planned to be introduced to the US, Canada, and EU markets in Q3 of 2021.  

Eybna is currently expanding by opening a new facility in the United States and developing new partnerships, and their research potential is expected to continue to grow exponentially.  Cannabis has so much still-unrealized potential in the medical field, and Eybna plans to be at the forefront of this progress. 


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