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Let’s Do Some 420 Shopping

April 20, 2021

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2021 4/20 Gift Guide


In honor of our second 4/20 at home, we’ve provided a thoughtfully curated list of unique products that can be enjoyed by a range of cannabis consumers during this year’s festivities. Feel the highest intensity of your cannabis experience with our innovative guide consisting of stylish accessories, high-quality medical products, luxury flower and confectionaries, sleek pre-rolls and joints and social impact brands that are paying it forward.  


First timer

Goddess Bliss Beans by CBD Goddess

If you’re looking to brighten up your day, Goddess Bliss Beans will bring in the sunshine. Formulated by the original inventor of Jelly Belly®, these delicious, gelatin-free jelly beans are made in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. Each jar contains 40 jelly beans infused with 10mg of hemp-derived CBD each, allowing you to choose your desired dose of bliss. Goddess Bliss Beans are available in original, sour and sugar-free options, and come in 38 assorted flavors. CBD Goddess is a nationwide shopping platform for CBD consumer and pet products featuring only the most respected, highest-quality, hemp-derived and organic-based CBD craft products. The ecommerce site also offers a personalized online health and wellness lifestyle experience, real-time price comparisons and door-to-door delivery.


Papa & Barkley Enters the Edibles Market with the First Sugar-Free, Whole Plant Gummies


Papa & Barkley – Releaf Gummies

Papa & Barkley evolved out of a son’s determination to alleviate his father’s immobilizing back pain. After some cannabis-focused recipe R&D, he discovered the perfect formulation and Papa & Barkley’s Releaf line was born. Their Releaf gummies are California’s first sugar-free, whole plant gummy and made with solventless kief hash to provide the plant’s full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients. At 5mg each, they are a great introduction to cannabis and help with stress, anxiety, relaxation, sleep and acute pain. Papa & Barkley’s Berry Burst Releaf Gummies are vegan, gluten-free, zero-calorie and keto-friendly.


Also available in Juicy Orange, Tart Apple (vegan), and Wild Strawberry


CBD Oil Roll-ons | Gold Formula | PlusCBD

CV Sciences Plus CBD Roll-On

CV Sciences’ (OTC: CVSI) soothing Plus CBD Roll-On is formulated with extra-strength hemp extract to deliver fast-acting relief from occasional post-workout aches and pains and to support skin homeostasis. Botanicals like jojoba, aucklandia lappa root, licorice, cinnamon, menthol and camphor moisturize your skin while terpenes, minor cannabinoids and rich fatty acids add an extra boost of protection to the skin barrier. The formula absorbs quickly, is easy to apply, and works as hard as you do on your toughest days. Use this powerful, relaxing roll-on in the morning to loosen up for the day or after exercise to cool down.


This New Brand Wants to Make Good Vapes Less Expensive



Airgraft is a purpose-driven technology company that engineers and sells vaporization hardware and software designed for the effective, efficient delivery of medicinal and recreational extracts. The upcoming launch of Airgraft 2 stresses a science-backed, pure and transparent vaporizing experience that cannabis users of all kinds look for in their cannabis journey. Consumers have access to Airgraft’s smart technology that allows you to track how much you consume with each draw to ensure the perfect dose every time. Memberships are available to the general public for the Airgraft 2 device and cost-effective pod system on May 15th. 


Betty's Eddies – emmo designs


Betty’s Eddies (MariMed) 

Named LeafLink’s 2020 Best Selling Medical Product in Maryland, Betty’s Eddies artisanal fruit chews provide a best-of-both worlds option for those who want the grown-up benefits of therapeutic cannabinoids without surrendering all the psychoactive enjoyment of weed. These handcrafted, vegan edibles are infused with full-spectrum cannabis oil and flavored with organically-grown fruits and vegetables for an all-natural, complete entourage effect experience.

Monkey Bar (100mg) | incredibles | Handcrafted Chocolate - Jane

incredibles-Monkey Bar 

Dubbed the “Snickers of Cannabis,” incredibles seeks to give their customers a consistent, reliable line of edibles bursting with flavor for a perfect introduction to edibles. The suite of products is full of chocolatey bars, gummies, tarts and mints in fun flavors we’ve all come to love like “Mile High Mint,” “Peanut Budda Buddha” and “Strawberry Crunch.” The incredibles limited-edition Monkey Bar is a whole different animal, consisting of milk chocolatey coconut, sweet bananas and crunchy walnuts. Grab one before they swing out of town.


Potli: Cannabis-Infused Functional Foods for Optimal Health - Eat Naked Kitchen


Potli founder Felicity Chen is a third-generation sauce and spice maker with a heritage and passion for functional ingredients. She launched Potli, a purveyor of high-quality, craftsman kitchen staples for everyday use, as a way to promote healthy living and celebrate her family’s original recipes. Today, they have a curated selection of essential foods like olive oil and apple cider vinegar, all infused with sun-grown cannabinoids from the Emerald Triangle.

  • Potli’s Cannabis-Infused Sriracha (THC) is a cult favorite Vietnamese hot sauce and 1st place winner for Savory Edible in The Emerald Cup 2021. Try adding to noodles, dumplings and eggs for an enhanced mood and boost in creativity.
  • Potli Dream Honey (Hemp) (National) is made with a tested hemp oil ratio of CBN and CBD to help induce a deep, restful sleep without any morning grogginess. 
  • Potli Awaken Apple Cider Vinegar (Hemp) (National) mixes the skin, gut health and weight management benefits of ACV with the calming effects of CBD for the perfect start to your morning. Use it in homemade salad dressings or even mocktails – check out Potli’s blog for more recipe ideas.


https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d38mcr91ompngfc/AADYYOE-6W14PXaqWF_4UKnea?dl=0 (images) 

Hervé - Salted Caramel Macarons | Leafly


Hervé draws upon the classic art of French cuisine to make exquisite cannabis-infused confectioneries unlike any other edible on the market. Hervé’s elegant macarons, bonbons (candies), desserts and chocolates combine contemporary designs, spectacular flavors and the highest quality of cannabis distillate. Their macarons are infused with 10mg of THC and available in chocolate, raspberry or salted caramel. Hervé’s Le Mirage line of vegan, gluten-free, zero-sugar sublingual hard candies are sold in packs of 2 inserts that are 25 mg each at 2 just calories per serving. It’s the perfect gift for your classiest friends. 


Luxury Lover

Shop Tabletop Lighter in Garden Grove – Edie Parker Flower

Flower by Edie Parker – Tabletop Lighter

Inspired by acrylic handbags that were all the rage in the mid 1900’s, Brett Heyman founded Edie Parker to bring back the vintage style she loves so much. Edie Parker draws on mid-century trends to create original pieces that speak for themselves. Their limited-edition tie-dye table lighter is one such unique creation that could double as home decor. The cleverly designed acrylic lighter also comes nestled inside its own matching ashtray for dual-purpose use.


FRIGG is a CBD beauty and wellness brand named after the mythical Viking goddess of plant magic. Frigg uses ancient botanical wisdom to turn back the effects of modern stressors. Enriched with antioxidants and omega fatty acids, Frigg’s products are scientifically developed, sustainably sourced and vegan.


  • Frigg Attuning Face Potion is packed with responsibly-sourced cannabinoids like Broad Spectrum CBD (300mg) and CBG (100mg) to smooth rough textures, fade hyperpigmentation, balance oil production, calm redness and plump fine lines. Rich in omega-rich Sea Buckthorn Oil and other nourishing botanical oils, this tonic strengthens your skin barrier while boosting collagen levels for more resilient, youthful skin. 
  • Frigg Attuning Hair Potion stimulates dry, tired follicles and calms an irritated scalp for all hair types and textures. The moisturizing baobab and growth-promoting castor oils – cannabidiol and cannabigerol oils, rosemary, cedarwood and other herbal extracts – function as a scalp treatment, deep conditioner and natural growth enhancers. You’ll find your ends super silky and noticed healthy, sustained hair growth with consistent use.



Lume Effect Cartridges are the highest quality vape cartridge available on the market and one that you can feel safe using. Unlike most other vapes, Lume carts do not contain any fillers such as MCT oil (coconut oil) or other vegetable oils. Their carts are filled with only premium THC distillate and carefully-selected, natural terpenes. The 0.5g of premium vape oil is housed in the best 510 thread cartridge offered in the industry. These come with a lead-free guarantee and are fully tested for quality assurance. Offered in 5 different effects: Dream, Recover, Unwind, Focus and Move. 



The Pre-Roll Flight is a convenient way to sample each of Canndescent’s luxury effects: Calm, Cruise, Connect, Create and Charge. Canndescent empowers adults to turn down the noise, unlock the moment and transform their lives with high end cannabis products. The company became the first cannabis cultivator in the world to abandon traditional strain names and pioneer effects-based cannabis. Each pre-roll is beautifully packaged using 100% ultra-premium flower. Available in single effects and 5-effect flights.


Heavy Hitters

TK Stardawg Haze by The Bank

TK Stardawg Haze by The Bank, which was recently ranked as the #1 selling flower brand in Nevada by Headset, is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid strain that produces happy, relaxed and euphoric effects. The tart flavor and aroma notes are a result of the strain’s Caryophyllene and Limonene terpene profile. The Bank is known for its superior plant genetics and next-level cultivation practices designed for the modern cannabis connoisseur. The brand offers pre-packaged flower, infused blunts and pre-rolls, comprised of three tiered lines: Gold Standard, Cache and Vault, each offering varying degrees of quality and price. 

In Nevada, The Bank has quickly become a top selling brand in some of the leading dispensaries in Las Vegas, where Jushi operates a redesigned, state-of-the-art cultivation facility. In Pennsylvania, The Bank stands out as an refreshing lifestyle brand in a strong medical market. Currently, The Bank is available at dispensaries across Nevada and Pennsylvania, including Pennsylvania’s BEYOND/HELLO™ locations.


Nira + Medicinals Extra Strength THC Softgels (25 mg each)

Nira + Medicinals develops high quality, THC and CBD-rich medical products that aim to improve the quality of life for all cannabis patients. With deep roots in science and medicine, Nira+ is the evolution of Jushi Holdings’ original Nira CBD line, carefully formulated by Dr. Laszlo Mechtler, Director of the DENT Cannabis Clinic and Neuroscience Research Center at the DENT Neurologic Institute located in Buffalo, New York. Focused on purity and consistency, these products offer patients science-backed options for improved wellness. The product line includes oral solutions, capsules, softgels and topicals. Currently, Nira+ is available at dispensaries across Pennsylvania, including at BEYOND/HELLO™ locations.

PLUS Hash Gummies 

In partnership with the heroes of hash, this limited-edition gummy is nothing but nug and all of the feels. Featuring the finest single-strain, solventless, ice water MAC strain hash from Biscotti Brands (“Biscotti”). Each 10mg gummy bursts with all-natural orange fruit flavors to balance the boldness of the bud without hiding the delicious taste of hash, delivering an entourage effect of creativity, happy feelings, and uplifting vibes

Sunderstorm Kanha Belts 

Widely considered the best tasting cannabis gummy in the industry, Kanha debuted a line of high-THC products specifically formulated for the high-dose consumer earlier this year.  These first-fact Kanha Belts use nanomolecular technology for an onset time of approximately 15 minutes and have a high absorption rate. These new high-powered edibles are available in a delectable and tart strawberry lemonade flavor and consist of two 50mg belts per bag, while most gummies are only 5mg or 10mg per piece. If that’s not enough, Kanha Belts are made with all-natural ingredients and have less sugar than other Kanha edibles! 

For a Good Cause


Canndescent Justice Joints 

Canndescent’s line of Justice Joints prerolls are the first standalone brand that donates 100% of its profits to cannabis social equity causes. The brand is currently partnering with the Last Prisoner Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit coalition of social justice leaders and drug policy reform experts, to support criminal record expungement in addition to release and reentry programs. Additionally, Justice Joint has established a grant program geared toward increasing participation and ownership of BIPOC communities within the cannabis industry. 


Green Thumb Industries Dogwalkers 

These pre-rolls come in two distinct sizes for short and long strolls with man’s best friend. The Mini Dog (0.35g) pre-roll is perfect for an afternoon walk while the Big Dog (0.75g) size is ideal for those longer walks with your special pup.  Each pre-roll contains flower harvested at peak freshness that is expertly packed, twisted and weighed to ensure quality and consistency. A portion of proceeds from every Dogwalkers product goes back to deserving animal shelters across the country, to ensure more dogs are loved, and walked, often!

Nugg Club 

Nugg Club is a California-based cannabis subscription box featuring full-sized products curated by experts that cater to unique customer preferences. The service is currently available in Los Angeles and Orange County but will be expanding to more cities in the coming months. Every Nugg Club Box is priced at $99, excluding tax, and contains 5 to 7 premium cannabis products worth over $225 in retail value. 


Nugg Club recently launched Schedule 1, a social impact brand that donates a portion of profits to lobbying efforts that aim to declassify marijuana at the federal level. The brand also donates to the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit that works to free individuals serving sentences for nonviolent cannabis charges. Schedule 1’s three flower strains, Mimosa, MAC 1, and Sunset Cookies, are available for purchase in Nugg Club subscription boxes or as an add-on item.



Whether you’re looking for upscale accessories, delicious edibles or soothing roll-ons, kick off your 4/20 cannabis experience with new and exciting options on our 2021 gift guide. These thoughtful gifts are guaranteed to impress consumers at every stage of their cannabis journeys this year. 




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