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Cannabis Culture Launches Smoke ’N’ Snax Subscription Boxes To Satisfy Stoner Cravings

April 03, 2021

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What does every pothead need almost as much as a fine selection of dank herb and a useful array of smoking accessories?

A momentous multitude of munchies, of course!

With your unsatiated appetite in mind, Cannabis Culture has expanded our retail store in Vancouver to include a wide selection of rare snacks and unique drinks to please the hungry and high.

For our famished friends who can’t make it down to the shop in person: we gotcha covered!

CC is proud to present our Smoke ‘N’ Snax Subscription Boxes, a curated collection of dope stoner gear and delicious goodies to satisfy your cannabis-related cravings.

Smoke ‘n’ Snax boxes bring you the worlds of cannabis and confectionary curated by Cannabis Culture for the cannabis culture!

Let us surprise you every month with essential toking supplies, new smoking tools, plus rare and vintage treats to satisfy your bountiful hankerings.

Choose from three different sized boxes and customize to your personal preferences.

The Smoke ‘N’ Snax Box ESSENTIALS: Our most affordable option! All the basics you need for Smoke ‘n’ Snax – this option is to help you keep your stash stocked with papers, munchies, and more.

The Smoke ‘N’ Snax Box PLUS: This box is perfect for those looking to start or expand their gear collection. Includes products from your favourite smoking brands, as well as artisan glass, local artist content, and delicious rare snacks to you keep you satisfied.

The Smoke ‘N’ Snax Box PREMIUM: Designed for the cannabis and confection connoisseur, this is our most exclusive box full of local art features, great smoking brands, rare and delicious munchies, exclusive content and lots more great surprises. This Premium Box is our highest value package!

Sign up today and receive our Special Edition 4/20 box as your first delivery.

Your April Smoke ‘N’ Snax Box includes a retro collectable Cannabis Culture Magazine from our archives, 420 merchandise, original artwork and glass art, exclusive content, delicious rare snacks and other surprise items that you’ll love.

Visit to order your subscription boxes today!



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