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As Another 420 Approaches Cannabis Female Executives Give Advice To Others

April 14, 2021

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 Green Market Report asked these female cannabis executives what advice they could give to other women on the eve of another 420 holiday. These were their answers:

Kimberly Dillion, Founder CEO of Frigg

  • “The key is community. More than ever being connected to other women at all levels is so instrumental for the success of all of us. By having strong networks we can amplify other voices, source deals, tackle wrongs, mentor others, collectively call out bad actors, and let’s not forget also have fun with our favorite plant!”

Amy Cirincione O’Connor, Co-Founder and Head of People Officer at Humboldt Social.

  • A female farmer I work with told me recently, “Surround yourself with people who move the chair.”  Not the people who walk through the room, notice a chair is blocking the doorway, and walk around it; the people who see the chair is a problem, and take the opportunity to solve the problem. I have no patience for meetings in which people complain or talk to just to hear their own voices. I like to work with people who are solution-oriented, who feel invested in creatively solving problems. I like working with people who move chairs.

Karson Humiston, Founder & CEO of Vangst

  • “Surround yourself with women you can learn from. Women are so supportive of each other and genuinely want to help other women succeed; find mentors”

Mary Pryor, Cannaclusive, Co-Founder

  • “Women are clutch and a powerful audience that cannabis often underestimates. We need more voices and diverse strategies that aid in educating and getting people to become fans of the plant. I find that this industry doesn’t open its self to understanding our use cases and issues when it comes to health in the cannabis world. We need to figure out ways to drive our value and reach within in this space when it comes to employment and c-suite as well.”

Lauren Drury, B2B Marketing Director, Greenlane

  • “We’re not following a path, we’re blazing it. In most industries, you can seek out an answer, but in cannabis, you have to create it!”

Azia Weisz, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, Greenlane

  • “Goals are a moving target in the cannabis industry, it’s important to always be flexible to pivot and patient with process development.”

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