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The Arcview Group is Helping to Open Doors for Women in the Cannabis Industry

March 23, 2021

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The cannabis industry has exploded in the last couple of years due to the legalization of the plant in many states across the country. While the growth of this often-stigmatized industry is fantastic, there are still many problems that need addressing. One of those issues is diversity and inclusion amongst cannabis businesses. Minorities such as people of color and women share only a tiny percentage of CEO positions in the cannabis industry. Fortunately, many companies are taking the initiative to change this narrative by creating spaces for this minority population to thrive in the cannabis industry.

The Arcview Group, whose Chief Executive Officer is Kim Kovacs, aims to change the political climate regarding the cannabis industry. As mentioned earlier, cannabis is heavily stigmatized by many American politicians, and the lack of country-wide legalization has led to significant incarceration rates for possession of the plant. The Arcview Group expands into other cannabis-related companies, such as The Arcview Investor Network, Arcview Market Research, Canopy, Cannasure Insurance Services, and many more.

Earlier this month, The Arcview Group’s Women’s Inclusion Network partnered with Women Empowered in Cannabis (WEIC) to create a more inclusive environment for women in the cannabis industry. The companies’ collaboration is a program that will benefit members of their organizations collectively. Members of both organizations will be able to network with other like-minded individuals to expand their cannabis business. This initiative’s timing could not be more perfect, given that this month is Women’s History Month.

The partnership between the Women’s Inclusion Network and WEIC aims to create new spaces for women to receive equal opportunities for growth and funding in the cannabis industry without the many unnecessary hurdles they often have to overcome.

“Together, we’re working to make this industry more inclusive. We want everyone, women, and men, to have equal access to capital, shelf space, board seats, C-suite level opportunities, education, and deal flow,” says Laura Toomey, the Chief of Staff of The Arcview Group.

For those looking to start or build their own cannabis business, strong network connections can help them raise funds for their budding business and provide them with the support needed to be successful. Thankfully, the Women’s Inclusion Network’s and WEIC’s new partnership strives to help female cannabis owners thrive in their businesses.

“A powerful network can open doors to funding and other support necessary for a successful business. By sharing our network, the Women Empowered in Cannabis community enables more women to step into a place of empowerment in their businesses,” states Kyra Reed, the founder, and CEO of WEIC.

A joint membership between the Women’s Inclusion Network and WEIC will include the following:


  • Exclusive webinars
  • Mentorship sessions
  • Educational video series
  • Speed-networking opportunities
  • Virtual speaking events
  • Online job board
  • Site tours

The collaborative program will also include keynote speakers who will speak on various topics such as finances, marketing, supply chain, networking, and much more. Also, the programs from the programs will contain Legacy Employees, which can help new businesses enter and compete in the cannabis market.

The joint membership for the Women’s Inclusion Network and WEIC starts at $600 per person. If you want to learn more about the initiative or become a member, you can visit the website here.

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