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Friday Book Club: Investing In Cannabis For Dummies

March 19, 2021

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Investing in Cannabis For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance)

by Steven R. Gormley


Now here’s a book subject that really catches my eye as it touches upon two of my favorite subjects; cannabis and making money!

“Investing in Cannabis For Dummies” by Steven R. Gormley does a fantastic job of helping the reader to gain a solid grasp of the modern legal cannabis industry and how an individual may leverage this rapid industry growth to make money themselves.

You will learn about legal cannabis companies, how to identify and avoid scams that target the cannabis industry, gain a decent understanding of pot stocks, and so much more.

Shall we, then?

-Topic Focus-

If you are eager to learn more about the landscape of the legal cannabis industries and how you can personally benefit from it then this book absolutely needs to be on your bookshelf.

You can learn so much here ranging from understanding how the entire commercial cultivation process works from seed to soil, solid cannabis stock trading information and tips, how to assess cannabis companies, and so much more with the expertise of an author who has clearly been in this particular arena for some time now.

The legal cannabis industry has grown so rapidly that it can be challenging to stay up to speed on the topic so books like this one serve as an excellent resource.

  -About the Author-

Steven Gormley is the author of “Investing in Cannabis For Dummies” and is known as an expert in the world of legal marijuana and that level of expertise and experience becomes evident quickly as you move through this book.

He also serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Radiko Holdings and Chief Operating Officer for Silverback Investments, which is a management company in the legal marijuana sector.

You can also find more of his written content published on sites such as The Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch, Forbes, and more.

-Reading Experience-

For a book that has the word “Dummies” in the title, it sure does make you feel much smarter when it comes to the world of legal cannabis and the business industries surrounding it.

The content really helps you to get a grasp of where the cannabis industry has been, what the current landscape is like, and where it might be heading years down the road.

You can also take some actionable information regarding how to invest in the cannabis industry and how you can enter the fray yourself. There is also some very useful information in this book that sheds light upon the legal regulations surrounding the industry.


All in all, “Investing in Cannabis For Dummies” is a powerful book that empowers the reader to get a piece of the proverbial medicated pie as the legal cannabis sector currently shows zero signs of slowing down.


The content is accessibly written, is clearly sourced from an expert that knows his game, and touches upon enough subjects to help the reader to gain a wide perspective of the marijuana industry in order to participate.


You can get started learning about the world of cannabis business by getting your own copy here:


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