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Victoria Cannabis Buyer’s Club Faces Eviction

February 27, 2021

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CANNABIS CULTURE –  After 25 years of service in the community, the Victoria Cannabis Buyer’s Club (VCBC) now faces an eviction order from the BC Solicitor General.  

The Provincial Community Safety Unit has ordered the buyer’s club (and the 8000 patients they serve) to vacate their 826 Johnson Street location by March 31.

On August 31, 2020, BC Solicitor General Mike Farnworth sent a letter to the Victoria City Council supporting an exemption for the VCBC. 

Now, the situation has changed and the club is being forced to shut its doors.

VCBC owner Ted Smith said they are taking legal action against the measure to ensure they can maintain their operations — including an injunction to protect their rights facing the Federal eviction order.

Besides legal action, the Club is organizing COVID-safe daily protests to keep people informed and engaged. If the eviction goes through and VCBC is forced to shut down, patients will have no way to access their medicine without having to absorb massive price inflations. 

“A few blocks down the street a Legal Dispensary sells one cookie of 10mg THC for $13.50. We sell 2 cookies of 75mg for $2.50. In comparison, that would be $100 a day to get the same dosage we have” said Ted.

VCBC’s topicals and edibles are lower in cost and easily available. They provide 100mg suppositories, something that is still not available on the Legal Market. Legal stores have a shortage of products and a profit motive, plus the advantage of being legally bound to not disclose information.

The Buyer’s Club also provides pick-up and delivery options that will see an increase in its use if the Johnson location closes. 

“The Legal Market has many barriers on its service. They are not able to do delivery and have a high cost, low potency products. That affects people who have a low income, elders, and others who cannot leave their houses”, said Ted Smith.

The VCBC has asked for letters of support from their membership to help demonstrate the need and the overwhelming support for the institution.

“We are preparing for the worst, and fighting for the best”, said Ted.

In the past VCBC used protection under Section 56 (1) of the Cannabis Act that stated that “no information under the Criminal Code may be laid in respect of an offense for which a summons portion of a ticket is delivered or sent”.

We have contacted The Original FARM, the legal dispensary located 2 blocks away from the VCBC at 1402 Douglas Street, but they did not want to disclose any information on the matter.

The final eviction date from the Club to leave the Johnson Street location is March 31. Until then, the Buyer’s Club will continue its daily protests and taking legal action to try to avoid the situation.

Picture: Post from VCBC’s Instagram.



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