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Treat Your Loved Ones With The Gift Of Infusion

February 16, 2021

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I’ve been thinking about which recipes to share with you all for February. Normally the weather is yucky and people start to feel like winter will never end. But then you get Valentine’s Day!

In my mind, February + V-Day + love = chocolate. I don’t think Valentine’s Day is reserved for lovers either; loving and taking care of yourself is super important too. Whether you’re indulging yourself or to treat a partner, cannabis and love go extremely well together.

Just a few words of caution though. If you and your person have different levels of cannabis tolerance, take that into account. For a truly fun sexy time you want to be on the same wavelength. Nothing is weirder than when one is all elevated and tingly, but the other person is giggling hysterically or napping in a corner.

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