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Sustainability In The Cannabis Industry: Truly Going Green

February 02, 2021

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Thanks to a decades-long association with “hippies” and “tree-huggers,” cannabis has largely been considered a green (no pun intended) industry by the masses. Many may not realize that cannabis has never really been a sustainable industry, and with the commercialization of cannabis, things have continued to move in the wrong direction. As the co-founder of an investment and operating firm in the cannabis space, I am concerned about the sustainability of this industry.

Commercial growers have turned to artificial pesticides and harmful growing practices and modes of distribution to bolster sales and increase crop yields. These practices contribute heavily to waste and pollution.

Now, a small group of cannabis growers dedicated both to cannabis and to the planet are spearheading initiatives to improve sustainability practices within the cannabis industry. This makes me hopeful for the continued acceleration of the market.

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