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GFive Cultivation Breaking Barriers, Giving Back

February 11, 2021

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Editors Note: This story is part of a month-long series for Black History Month honoring cannabis industry leaders.

The cannabis industry is a billion-dollar industry, but most people who want to get involved can’t because of the legal restrictions.

It’s a sad fact that many of the minorities grow up in the inner city with no hope of getting ahead. Many kids are stuck in a cycle of poverty and crime, but Larry wanted to change this pattern for young people.

Larry Smith, the CEO, and founder of GFIVE Cultivation is the first-ever African-American to have a licensed medical retail cannabis cultivation farm in Clark County, Nevada. He is committed to empowering young men and women in his community and breaking the barriers that prevent others from participating in this booming cannabis industry.

For as long as Smith can remember, he has been a visionary, dreamer, and doer. He is breaking barriers to the “status quo” by always thinking outside of the box. Smith’s own success has helped him to shape the lives of others, and he is committed to continuing that trend.

By using his more than 20 years of experience in the business enterprise industry, Smith works tirelessly each day to help youths find their entrepreneurial spirit so they may build their own wealth.

Smith’s passion for business and leadership has led him to invest in other companies, as well as ultimately starting his own successful Cannabis Operating company. As an entrepreneur in the ever-expanding marijuana industry, he has been heavily involved with cannabis development laws and the rapidly changing legal landscape surrounding this emerging market.

GFive Cultivation is a mission-driven family-owned cannabis cultivation company that prides itself on the quality of its premium-grade cannabis products. They offer an array of cannabis strains cultivated and processed in a way that is both ethical and sustainable for the environment by using top-quality equipment to ensure the best possible process from start to finish.

They built their facility from scratch with high standards of sustainability in mind at every turn. Through their environmentally conscious approach along with a mission to grow the best cannabis for their customers, GFive Cultivation has partnered with the best experts and consultants on the West Coast to successfully implement hydroponic cultivation and has been regarded with the highest standards and quality by many of their clients.

GFive Cultivation has confidently claimed to be among the best growers in the Cannabis industry through the use of rockwool growing media that ensures the marijuana have enough space to stretch their roots, providing a high level of day-to-day care that ensures plants are given attention on an individual basis, and using top-rated nutrient products that ensure the plants get everything they need.

As a pioneer in the cannabis industry, GFive Cultivation is proud to have a certified staff of professionals that is dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabis experience possible. The company’s innovative products are sold to licensed dispensaries and production facilities in Nevada.

GFive Cultivation has made its mark in the entertainment industry and continues to create new ideas with its own unique culture. This includes unique collaborations on exclusive strains, including the new signature cannabis line, Pynk Mynk in collaboration with hip hop legend Cam’ron, and the Big Baby Bud strains with Wild ‘N Out Star Big Baby. They also bring in different artists to perform at their events.

In various ways, GFive Cultivation is committed to promoting growth in the local communities, including hosting signature events, global partnerships and charitable efforts. As a result, #GFIVEGIVES emerged in 2018 as an initiative to rally online communities in support of locally owned businesses, with a key focus on minorities, women, and veteran based businesses who are often overlooked by mainstream business opportunities.

#GFIVEGIVES brought American hip hop group Dipset to a local, minority-owned establishment to treat attendees to an unforgettable night full of fun and laughter. GFIVE Cultivation provides opportunities to promote local businesses or services at their #GFIVEGIVES events and also with social media exposure. They have a growing following on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook @GFiveCultivation.

Larry Smith’s contributions have played a vital role in the company’s given support, and the introduction of many Las Vegas-based businesses to the community.

Despite his gratitude for the acknowledgment, the African American CEO honestly believes that he has not done enough for the community, and is looking forward to doing even more things, providing more community support, and continuing to make a difference through the GFive Cultivation movement.

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