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Friday Book Club: Terpenes: The Magic in Cannabis

February 19, 2021

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Friday Book Club: Terpenes: The Magic in Cannabis

If you consider yourself to be a proper aficionado of cannabis or even a professional of some sort then you had better have at least a basic understanding of terpenes and their role in how cannabis affects our brains. If you didn’t already know, terpenes are the chemical oils produced by plants that create the unique flavors and scents that we so enjoy. We should be eternally appreciative of these lovely terpenes!

Did you know that there are over 30,000 types of terpenes? There is just so much to learn about this wonderful flower and it’s always a pleasure!

Topic Focus

If you have ever enjoyed a unique aroma emitting from some tasty nugget then you have experience with terpenes, the topic focus of this educational book put together by Beverly
Potter Ph.D. Here the author will take you on an educational journey that will leave you something of an expert in this chemical compound produced by marijuana plants. This becomes absolutely relevant if you’re planning to enter the cannabis industry and need to be looked at as a trusted and knowledgeable source of information. Even those of us who are just passionate hobbyists can always stand to further grow our own understanding of just what makes this flower so magical in terms of flavors, scents, and even experiences.

About the Author

The author of “Terpenes: The Magic in Cannabis” is Dr. Beverly A. Potter, Ph.D. who is based in Oakland, California where she works on her writing projects, engages in public speaking
endeavors, and also serves as a corporate trainer. She received her doctorate in counseling at Stanford University and went on to earn her Masters degree in Vocational Rehabilitation while at San Francisco State University and also generates content for her website, Beverly has also published books that focus on topics such as goal setting, mediating conflict, overcoming burnout related to work, and more.

Reading Experience

Dr. Potter does an excellent job balancing between keeping the book light and accessible for those of us less educated in such matters while also imparting a healthy dose of scientific
information regarding terpenes. One could use this book as an introduction to the world of terpenes as it is not quite and full tome of knowledge but rather a nice sampling of information on terpenes in a way that will not overwhelm the average reader. There is also some additional information present in the book covering topics such as how to make hash and ways to utilize your kief. This is good stuff to know for cannabis users!


“Terpenes: The Magic in Cannabis” serves as an excellent and approachable gateway to learning more about terpenes in cannabis and just how they affect your system and the flavors
of your favorite flowers. Not too heavy on technical information but just enough to help you gain a basic understanding. It never hurts to lean toward cannabis-related books written by medical professionals or those with specialized educations on such topics as they tend to be more reliable sources of information and this book checks that box.

You can acquire your own copy of “Terpenes: The Magic in Cannabis” here:

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