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357 Hemp Logistics First to Include Complimentary $50,000 Hemp Cargo Insurance on Shipments

February 01, 2021

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357 Hemp Logistics Cargo Insurance

Transport is a critical component of the hemp industry. But transporting hemp can be extremely risky even though hemp is now federally legal due to every state having its own regulations on top of federal regulations.  It is imperative that the hemp industry recognizes transportation logistics as a priority and essential expense. Unfortunately, many learn the hard way what can go wrong and that most cargo insurance policies do not cover hemp! It is not unusual to hear about trucks being impounded for weeks, $100,000 loads of isolate being confiscated by law enforcement or cargo being stolen. 

For this reason, 357 Hemp Logistics (357), a trusted leader in global hemp transportation became the first in the industry to include, at no additional charge, up to $50,000 of declared value hemp cargo insurance on all domestic and international hemp shipments. 

We leave nothing to chance.  357 institutes strict practices and protocols specific to hemp, employs state of the art technology, as well as maintains close communication with law enforcement and regulatory bodies, which helps them in optimizing routes and ensuring they comply with latest regulatory changes.  This is all part of going the extra mile to ensure that you can track your entire shipment 24/7 from origin to arriving safely at its destination on time and within budget – no surprises. Our specialized expertise in hemp logistics and attention to detail prevent the costly, and potentially traumatic, results that can occur when companies wing it on transportation.

357 Hemp Logistics, a division of The 357 Company, is setting the standard of excellence for hemp logistics centered around compliant standard operating procedures.  357 only transports hemp products below 0.3% total THC – outlined in the USDA interim final rule. 

With its global headquarters in Illinois, 357’s leadership team collectively has over 50 years of transportation, logistics, medical device, and supply chain management experience, in addition to developing operational processes and procedures for top brands in the highly regulated medical cannabis and restaurant home delivery industries.

With 357’s sights aimed at superior customer service, 357 is continuously adding features, benefits and services no other competitors offer to attract and retain the highest quality employees, carriers and partners to ensure customer satisfaction. The company offers best in class technology and a customer portal with:

• 24/7 Real-Time Visibility 

• Track & Trace Technology for all portions of the shipment

• Status Instant Messaging

• On-Demand Analytics Reporting

• Integrated Billing & Invoicing

• Sortable Historical Data, and

• $50k cargo insurance with all hemp shipments.

357’s seamless execution is in large part due to establishing relationships and intel gathering with state and federal officials and law enforcement to ensure their partners’ valuable shipments meet the latest laws and license requirements and are compliant from origin to final destination. 

For more information on 357 Hemp Logistics visit www.357Company.com and follow 357 on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn


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