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Warm Up and Calm Down this Winter with CBD-Infused Soup

January 23, 2021

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Kitchen Toke’s Golden Beet Soup & Roasted Vegetable And Lentil Soup

In the newly released winter issue of Kitchen Toke magazine, author Laura Lagano writes in the “Unsung Cannabinoids Explained” cover story, “In our current worldwide pandemic, we now have an added global anxiety disorder.”

This week, anxiety across America is heightened even more with a transition of power unlike history has ever experienced before, making a stronger case for CBD consumption and revisiting the benefits of the all-star cannabis plant compound.

Lagano, who also published the 2019 book “The CBD Oil Miracle,” continues, “The reason why CBD works to quell anxiety is because it is psychoactive,” debunking the most common misconception that it’s not (it’s just less psychoactive than THC). “Unlike THC, CBD does not bind to our cannabinoid receptors in the body. Rather, CBD acts indirectly in the endocannabinoid system by interacting with other receptor systems in the body.”

– Read the entire article at Aspen Times.


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