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“Wadada Sisters: Designers Branch Out To Cannabis-Infused Fashion”

January 03, 2021

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Twins Asha and Ayanna Diaz, or the Wadada Sisters as they are known, are an unmistakable duo. Their free-spirited approach to life has not only birthed a fashion label but has also, over the past decade, inspired dozens of women to launch their own businesses and ideas built on authenticity and love.

Celebrating a decade of the Wadada fashion brand, the sisters launched both a new line called Wadada Basics in 2020 and a new platform, the Ladies of 420, in 2019. The latter initially was developed as an education and events idea to share knowledge on the value of the cannabis plant but has more recently led to their own CBD body care line of oils and lotions. Though neither sister initially set out to explore the worlds of fashion or beauty and skincare, they have been innovators and advocates for women-owned businesses since.

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