Veterans cannabis bill filed in Congress (Newsletter: January 26, 2021) - Grow Life 420

Veterans cannabis bill filed in Congress (Newsletter: January 26, 2021)

January 26, 2021

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DE auditor: Legal marijuana = revenue; NM gov & top lawmaker bullish on legalization; Anti-cannabis ND rep’s legalization bill; New psychedelics org

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Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) filed a new bill in Congress to protect military veterans from losing their Department of Veterans Affairs benefits for using marijuana. But the new legislation omits a section from last year’s version that would let VA doctors issue written medical cannabis recommendations.

Delaware’s state auditor issued a new report concluding that legalizing marijuana would generate $43 million in annual tax revenue and create more than 1,000 new jobs.

  • “The First State cannot and should not be the last state to approve legalization in the region.”

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) said she is “optimistic” the state can boost its economy by legalizing marijuana this year, and the Senate majority leader is also “feeling more confident” about getting it done in 2021. Legalization bills could be unveiled as soon as this week.

A North Dakota Republican lawmaker who opposes legalizing marijuana has filed a bill to do just that. He sees reform as inevitable and wants lawmakers to write the rules, instead of activists who just got approval to collect signatures to put the issue on the 2022 ballot.

  • “I’m not for [legalization] at all, but I understand that it’s coming, and we have to address the issue. I’m trying something different in government—we’re trying to be proactive and not be reactive.”

The Plant Medicine Coalition is a new psychedelics advocacy group that will, among other things, focus on lobbying Congress to appropriate $100 million for research on the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin, ayahuasca, LSD and other entheogens.


Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) tweeted, “Legalize cannabis, expunge records for nonviolent crimes, and invest in Black and brown entrepreneurs.”


Florida’s agriculture commissioner tweeted, “Medical marijuana patients, like all patients, deserve to be protected from discrimination under our laws.” She also tweeted, “Legalizing marijuana for adult-use makes sense and it’s the right thing to do: ✅Strengthens our economy ✅Starts to right wrongs in our justice system ✅Source of new state revenue”

The Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee held a hearing on a proposed constitutional amendment to block the state from legalizing marijuana or other drugs, and a vote is planned for Wednesday.

The Virginia House General Laws Committee will hear a presentation on marijuana legalization on Tuesday.

New York regulators began accepting applications for hemp retailer and distributor permits.

Michigan regulators sent a bulletin about having marijuana business design plans reviewed by the Bureau of Fire Services.

Montana regulators sent an update on medical cannabis business fingerprinting requirements.

The Oregon Cannabis Commission will meet on Wednesday.

Ohio regulators will consider medical cannabis rules changes on February 2.

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A New York City mayoral candidate wants to legalize marijuana and psychedelics and issue reparations to people harmed by the war on drugs.

Northampton, Massachusetts is the first municipality in the state to stop charging marijuana businesses an annual “community impact fee.”

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania argued in federal court that it should be able to deny employment at a jail to people who use medical cannabis.


Guyana’s government and opposition are pursuing separate marijuana reform bills.

The leader of Scotland’s Conservative Party said, in response to a question in a Facebook chat, “I am not on magic mushrooms. Indeed there were also no mushrooms in the spaghetti bolognese I had tonight.”

Thailand’s government launched a legal cannabis business registration guide.

The Antigua and Barbuda Cannabis Board granted a provisional permit for a company to grow medical cannabis.


A review concluded that using hemp products “benefits in cannabis dependence, epilepsy, and anxiety disorders” and that “pre-clinically, hemp derivatives showed potential anti-oxidative, anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-neuroinflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-acne, and anti-microbial activities.”

A study found “no statistically significant differences in 30-day readmission rates for [irritable bowel syndrome]-specific causes when comparing patients who reported cannabis use with those who did not” but that “cannabis use was associated with reduced 30-day hospital readmission rates for all causes.”


The Connecticut Democratic Party tweeted about Gov. Ned Lamont’s (D) support for legalizing marijuana.

The Commonwealth Dispensary Association dropped a lawsuit against Massachusetts marijuana delivery rules that favor equity applicants after it lost several of its member businesses in the wake of a boycott.

The Drug Policy Alliance brought on two new board members.


Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. closed a sale leaseback transaction with Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. for a Florida property.

New Cannabis Ventures reportedly obtained a leaked recording of the CEO of iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. and an investor discussing events leading to a plan that will leave current shareholders with just 2.75% of the company.


Lil Wayne’s cannabis brand,  GKUA Ultra Premium, is expanding into Colorado.

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