Trump cop commission bashes cannabis reform (Newsletter: January 6, 2021) - Grow Life 420

Trump cop commission bashes cannabis reform (Newsletter: January 6, 2021)

January 06, 2021

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MN House leader wants marijuana on 2022 ballot; NY legal cannabis bill filed; NJ lawmakers introduce marijuana “clean-up” bill

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A new report from the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice criticizes local moves to legalize marijuana and decriminalize drugs.

  • “Decriminalization and reduction in sanctions merely raise the bar for law enforcement arrests, but they do not account for the reality that law enforcement officers still must address the complaints about these individuals from community members, respond to the noncriminal results of untreated substance use problems… This may have a greater cost to the community, including escalation and long-term drug use.” 

Minnesota’s House majority leader said he’ll reintroduce a marijuana legalization bill in the new session. If the Republican-controlled Senate blocks cannabis reform again, he wants to at least convince them to put the issue on the 2022 ballot for voters to decide.

A New York senator—along with nearly a third of the full Senate joining as cosponsors— filed a bill to legalize marijuana in the state in 2021.

New Jersey lawmakers introduced a new marijuana “clean-up” bill intended to address Gov. Phil Murphy’s (D) remaining concerns about how separate legalization and decriminalization legislation currently on his desk would treat underage people caught with cannabis.


The House Energy and Commerce Committee published a report about the marijuana research bill passed by the full House.

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) tweeted, “Whether we’re talking about the War on Drugs or the war on people who’ve come here seeking a better life, we’ve proven: allowing profit into the equation creates a situation where what is right, or logical, or even most efficient is replaced by what will bring financial gain.”

Ohio Democratic congressional candidate Nina Turner tweeted, “I just reached 420K followers 💜🔥 Sounds like a good time to remind you that the criminalization of marijuana has been a disaster. It’s [time] we legalize it, expunge past convictions and invest in communities of color that have been devastated by the failed and racist War on Drugs.”


North Carolina’s attorney general tweeted about a state task force that “made recommendations focused on decriminalizing marijuana in NC. Statistics show that Black and white populations use marijuana at about the same rates, but Black people are disproportionately charged with marijuana-related crimes.”

The South Dakota State Bar Association issued an ethics opinion that says lawyers may not advise marijuana businesses.

Guam’s top marijuana regulator pushed back on claims that legalization would hurt the territory’s tourism.

Georgia regulators posted responses that other medical cannabis business license applicants submitted about a protest filed by Trulieve GA Inc.

A South Carolina senator who is sponsoring medical cannabis legislation spoke about plans to pass it in 2021.

Missouri regulators published an overview of the state’s hemp program.

Colorado regulators published average market rates for marijuana.

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Marijuana possession has become New York City police’s most frequently issued criminal summons.

A Linn County, Iowa supervisor said a new marijuana diversion program fails to address racial disparities in enforcement.

Oakland, California’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission will meet on Thursday.


The Israeli Defense Forces’s judiciary moved to lower marijuana penalties for officers and non-commissioned officers.

Hong Kong will not legalize marijuana, its narcotics commissioner said.

Goa, India’s chief minister said his government is “not interested” in a medical cannabis legalization proposal under consideration.


A study concluded that “CBD was effective as a neuroprotective substance against neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.”


Supernova Women will recruit, train and facilitate employment of workers through Oakland, California’s Cannabis Workforce Development Grant Program.


Have a Heart, Harvest Health & Recreation and Hightimes Holding Corp. reached a settlement with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union over a dispute about employee wages.

National Hemp Exchange’s owner is being sued for allegedly committing civil theft, civil conspiracy, and breach of contract.

Jushi Holdings Inc priced an offering at  C$6.50 per share.

Indus Holdings, Inc. has a new chief revenue officer.

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