These states could legalize cannabis in 2021 (Newsletter: January 4, 2021) - Grow Life 420

These states could legalize cannabis in 2021 (Newsletter: January 4, 2021)

January 04, 2021

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NM judge: Prisoners have right to use medical marijuana; Obscure fed memo cited in DEA lawsuit; US drug cases declined in 2020

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Several states are poised to legalize marijuana in 2021 with the support of governors and top lawmakers. Marijuana Moment compiled an overview of places that cannabis legalization—for recreational or medical use—is most likely to be enacted in the new year.

  • We’re only four days into the year, and Marijuana Moment’s Bill Tracker is already following 128 pieces of cannabis- and drug policy-related legislation filed in state legislatures for 2021 sessions. Readers who support our work with monthly pledges of $25 or more get access to these legislative tools so they don’t miss any key reform proposals in markets they need to monitor.

A New Mexico judge ruled that incarcerated patients have a right to use medical marijuana in jail or prison.

In their latest federal court filing, scientists who are suing the Drug Enforcement Administration over its refusal to reclassify marijuana cited a previously undisclosed decades-old internal memo to demonstrate the government’s unwillingness to defend the merits of its decisions.


Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts reported that federal drug crime cases dropped 17% in 2020 but still represent 29% of total cases.

Former Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) tweeted, If Trump wants to do something useful, just once, how about pardoning persons convicted for possessing a few grams of marijuana?  Decriminalized in 26 states, and yet hundreds of thousands still arrested each year for possession. #LegalizeIt”


New Jersey’s attorney general plans to issue further marijuana guidance once legalization and decriminalization bills are signed into law.

Virginia’s attorney general cited the state’s decriminalization of marijuana and movement toward legalization in a “Top 20 of 2020” list.

Texas’s agriculture commissioner included the launch of the state’s hemp program in a list of 2020 highlights.

Connecticut’s Senate president pro tempore said “the marijuana issue needs to move forward this year.”

Changes to Utah’s medical cannabis rules took effect on Friday.

Incoming New York lawmakers shared their views on marijuana legalization.

A Florida senator filed a bill to reduce required medical cannabis patient visits to doctors to once a year instead of twice.

Arkansas regulators are being sued over another medical cannabis business licensing dispute.

California tax officials sent an update on marijuana banking issues.

Marijuana Moment is already tracking more than 100 cannabis bills in state legislatures and Congress this year. Patreon supporters pledging at least $25/month get access to our interactive maps, charts and hearing calendar so they don’t miss any developments.

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A study concluded that “CBD is believed to modulate brain dopamine in response to drugs of abuse, leading to attenuation of drug-taking and drug-seeking behavior.”


The National Black Farmers Association endorsed a move to legalize marijuana in Virginia.

The U.S. Hemp Roundtable published an overview of 2020 hemp developments and predictions for 2021.


The Arcview Group announced the creation of a new consulting entity, Arcview Management Consulting.


Snoop Dogg answered questions about places he has smoked marijuana in an appearance on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special.

Former basketball player Shawn Kemp spoke about his involvement in the marijuana industry.

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