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The NBA’s Slam Dunk Cannabis Shift

January 28, 2021

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With each passing year, cannabis is embraced by more and more Americans. The same is happening in American professional sports. Both the National Hockey League and National Football League recently amended their cannabis policies to say players testing positive for cannabis will not be suspended. Major League Baseball does not test players for cannabis use anymore. Even the Ultimate Fighting Championship announced this month it will no longer penalize fighters for using cannabis.

One league, though, has been uncharacteristically slow to modernize its cannabis policy – the National Basketball Association (NBA). Notably, the league stopped testing players for cannabis last year in the COVID-19-prompted bubble, where qualifying teams completed their seasons at Disney World and continued this policy in the 2021 season. However, league sources indicated the change is intended to reduce the likelihood of players catching COVID-19 and is only temporary. The NBA is now debating making this policy permanent, with advocates optimistic, and there are compelling reasons why it should.

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