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A Cannabis Grower’s Advice On Choosing The Right Strain

January 27, 2021

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If you have just started your journey with cannabis, the choice of the right strain will be the most overwhelming part. You will be surprised to see the variety on display at most dispensaries and online stores, and deciding on the face value is more challenging than you imagine. It is something you need to learn because your experience depends on this selection. While strains can be confusing in the beginning, you can master them eventually and learn to pick the ones that promise the most incredible results. However, some guidance can take you a long way initially. Here is a cannabis grower’s advice that can guide you about choosing the right strain. 

Know the basics

First and foremost, you need to understand the attributes that make a weed strain unique. The plant contains different cannabinoids, with THC and CBD being the most significant ones. High-THC strains make you high, while those having more CBD are not intoxicating. You need to consider the THC-CBD ratio to pick a product that suits your needs. Another aspect to know is the terpene content, which gives a strain its characteristic aroma and flavors. Terpenes also support the effects of cannabinoids. Once you know these basics, you can choose a strain option according to your expectations. 

Consider your objective

While the profile of a cannabis strain is vital when it comes to picking the best option, you also need to consider the objective for consuming it. Cannabis works for medicinal or recreational purposes. While some strains offer extensive medicinal benefits for specific conditions, others have a recreational appeal. Yet others deliver on both fronts. For example, wedding cake strain is great for relieving mental issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression. It also offers a sedative and relaxed feeling if you only want to use it for recreational purposes. Your medical marijuana doctor will recommend a specific strain depending on your condition. Alternatively, you can seek advice from a budtender too.

Check the potency

Cannabis growers also recommend checking the potency of the strain before you start using it for your objective. Potency refers to the concentration of cannabinoids, particularly THC, in a weed strain. The ones with a higher potency give a more intense experience as compared to those with a lower potency. While you check the potency, you also need to be aware of your tolerance levels so that you do not end up getting intoxicated with a product you cannot handle.

Apart from the composition and effects of specific strains, another factor determining the choice is your budget. They come at different price points, from budget-friendly to high-end, and you need to opt for one that does not burn a hole in the pocket. Still, it makes sense to spend a little more on a strain that gets you a step closer to your expectations and delivers the benefits you look for. Finally, patience is the key when it comes to picking a strain that works for you. It is often a hit and trial process, and you only get better with time.

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