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So Your State Legalized Cannabis. What’s Next?

December 23, 2020

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When my government career pivoted to the legal medical cannabis industry over 10 years ago, I recognized that public acceptance and consumer demand were trending upwards. But I could not have predicted the widespread acceptance we see today. In fact, I vividly remember discussing with my Colorado colleagues in 2010 how we might see the state legalize adult use in our lifetimes. Legalization came to Colorado two short years later in 2012.

Currently, one in three Americans live in a state where cannabis is legal. And in this year’s elections, New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Montana – predominantly Republican-held states – legalized cannabis use and sale in some form. While those state’s regulators may not personally be proponents of legalization, it is their obligation to serve and protect the will of the electorate. This means addressing a host of concerns ranging from consumer protection to social equity. As someone who had a seat at the table when Colorado – the first state to legalize – established its regulations, I can uniquely offer best practices to these potentially skeptical legislators who are filtering through the noise.

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