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Health Canada Green Lights Therapist Psilocybin Experiences

December 09, 2020

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CANNABIS CULTURE – Mental Health Practitioners from TheraPsil, a Vancouver-based non-profit, have been approved by Health Canada to possess and use psilocybin for experiential training in delivering psilocybin-assisted therapy.

The decision by Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu comes just four months after TheraPsil successfully advocated for four terminally-ill patients to gain access to the psychedelic substance found in magic mushrooms through Canada’s compassionate use exemption.

Bruce Tobin, TheraPsil’s Founder and Board Chair says the Canadian government “has recently become a world-leader in allowing patients access to psilocybin to treat end-of-life distress and with these new approvals for therapists, Health Canada now rightfully acknowledges that clinician experience with psychedelic medicines is an important part of their training.”

He went on to explain, “Therapists having psychedelic experience are able to more deeply empathize with patients and understand their experience. It’s part of what helps therapists to provide the highest standard of clinical care to their patients.” 

Fully understanding what clients go through when taking psilocybin will help therapists know when to intervene and when to stay put, letting someone ride out their emotions.

Chi Psilocybin, founder of, agrees “a hundred thousand percent,” that anyone working with someone on a mushroom trip should experience the medicine for themselves. 

“If you haven’t been through your own journeys, it can be intimidating to watch someone else go through it. And if you haven’t worked out your own issues, traumas, and insecurities, people will feel that energetic block. They won’t feel comfortable processing their experience with you.”

He says of TheraPsil, “You can really feel the heart in everything they do. They’re definitely acting out of care and concern for the people they are helping.”

TheraPsil focuses on helping patients with a terminal diagnosis whose symptoms of distress and depression have been unresponsive to traditional therapies. The organization is committed to advocating for access, and connecting clients with the right professionals to guide them through their psilocybin journeys.

Since the August ruling allowing four patients compassionate use of psilocybin, TheraPsil has assisted 10 additional people in getting relief from their overwhelming emotional states. 

The organization has been inundated with inquiries as of late; but it is actively accepting new patients who are interested in psilocybin therapy, and who meet the requirements for entry into the program.



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