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Cannabis Gave Her Child A Future: Now She Helps Other Families

November 30, 2020

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Zaki, 17, likes to point out houses that he’d like to have when he turns 18 next year. That was something unimaginable seven years ago, his mother, Heather Jackson recalled, when he used to have around 200 seizures a day. Nowadays, with CBD, “when he does have seizures, they’re brief” and don’t hurt him.

By the time he was nine, Zaki had tried 17 different pharmaceutical treatments, all of which failed to control his seizures caused by a rare form of epilepsy called Doose Syndrome (Myoclonic Atonic Epilepsy). It was only after undergoing treatment with CBD oil, provided by whole-plant hemp company Charlotte’s Web, that his seizures dropped off dramatically. Zaki, who no longer has Doose Syndrome and has received a new diagnosis of the rare genetic condition Poirier-Bienvenu Neurodevelopmental Syndrome (also known as CSNk2b), was able to start living what his mother described as basically a normal life.

“He’ll talk your ear off, which is incredible,” Jackson said, adding that she and Zaki’s father “have so much hope for the future. He will still need support into adulthood but with support he can do all these things.”

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