Grow Bud Yourself Episode 24 - Grow Life 420

Grow Bud Yourself Episode 24

October 09, 2020

#KahliBuds #MMJ #CBD #THC

Episode 24 of Grow Bud Yourself goes up in smoke for some nice dreams! Things are tough all over but we are still smokin'...

Our special guest this week is the legendary Tommy Chong! Tommy talks comedy, Covid and cannabis and much, much more. The interview even features a special guest interruption by another legendary comedian, so stick around until the end of the chat! (6:53)

This week's cultivation segment includes Danny's tips for getting more out of your trimmed cannabis leaves. Plus, answers to listener grow questions from around the world. (58:10) 

Episode 24 is brought to you by BC Northern Lights Grow Boxes and Excelsior Extracts THC-Infused Pain Relief Rub. 

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