Grow Bud Yourself Episode 21 - Grow Life 420

Grow Bud Yourself Episode 21

September 17, 2020

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Episode 21 of Grow Bud Yourself ripens on the vine as the kindest of the kind. 

First, Danny and Mike introduce the new logo designs for the podcast by BK2LA Studio.

The Interview is with Danny Murr-Sloat, founder of AlpinStash, a successful "mom n' pop" grow-op in Colorado that competes with larger corporate cannabis companies by providing clean, sustainable and potent pot for patients and connoisseurs.  

The cultivation segment features our Strain of the Fortnight, tips for pH & PPM and answers to grow questions from listeners like you. 

Episode 21 is brought to you by Excelsior Extracts THC-infused Pain Rub. 

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