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The Most Heartfelt, Weed-Friendly Supper Club in New York

July 01, 2020

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Meet the sisters infusing their Dominican heritage and New York community into every bite.

“Cannabis and food are two of the most communal things in the world. Both bring strangers and friends together. Together — it’s magic.”

Raised in an entrepreneurial Latina household in Harlem where food means much more than just sustenance, Roshelly and Shanelly Pena were nearly destined to make said magic. The pair of sisters are co-founders of Higher Dining, a New York-based event series of dinners, yoga sessions, and cooking courses curated with a gourmet and cannabis-friendly approach. And while their sophisticated tablescapes and five-star menus indeed elevate anyone’s notion of edible cannabis, there’s something else going on at Higher Dining’s table. It’s how the Pena sisters’ love for food, cannabis, heritage, and community comes through in every bite.

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