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Grow Bud Yourself Episode 10

July 02, 2020

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Episode 10 of Grow Bud Yourself flourishes forth with pot cultivation information for weed growers and connoisseurs like you! 

First, former associate publisher of High Times magazine, Rick Cusick, talks about the recent passing of cannabis icon and friend Dr. Lester Grinspoon.

The interview is with Chris Ball of Ball Family Farms, a vertically-integrated California cultivation facility. Chris describes his journey from a federal penitentiary to owning one of the biggest legal weed production footprints in Los Angeles. He discusses the importance of social equity programs, scaling up a cannabis grow, pheno-hunting and more.

The cultivation segment takes on safety, security and odor control. Plus we play a game of Fill in the Blank. 

Epsiode 10 is brought to you by Suite Leaf Nutrients. Use promo-code "Danko15" for 15% off all grow equipment, nutrients and more. 

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