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Friday Book Club: The Wild Kindness

July 17, 2020

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The Wild Kindness: A Psilocybin Odyssey

By Bett Williams

 Author Bett Williams brings us a unique and educational tale to review today that focuses on her own journey through life as she pursues an understanding of the value that psilocybin mushrooms can bring to life.

Set in the New Mexico Desert, this story shares the ups, the downs, the life experiences, and more that Bett Williams went through as she was reeling from arrest, the implosion of life, and connecting with a psilocybin community in an effort to learn and grow.

…Not mention the really groovy cover art on this one.

Let’s get into it then!

-Topic Focus-

This educational and fascinating narrative focuses upon the life experiences of the adventurous author, Bett Williams as she takes a deep dive into her own psyche, psychedelics, and goes further on her journey to better understand what benefit mushrooms can provide and how to better embrace them.

From the highs and lows to the descriptions of the day to day, this book offers an unfiltered look into the life and mind of one who is on the path of seeking their own answers. At times the story seems more of a stream of consciousness type of project that really conveys a level of authenticity.

About the Author

Author of the “Wild Kindness”, Bett Williams, is a New Mexico native who has a passion for guiding and helping various artists, writers, and creatives through her private retreats and helpful content.

Bett Williams is also the author of “The Wrestling Party” and “Girl Walking Backwards”.

Bett and her partner were also recipients for the Kindle Foundation Maker’s Muse Award in 2018 for their work on their podcast “No Cures, Only Alchemy”. Their podcast focuses on the culture and science surrounding the use of psychedelics.

You can learn more about Bett Williams projects at the following link:

-Reading Experience-

Reading “The Wild Kindness” by Bett Williams feels like you’re reading someone’s diary that has a unique perspective with genuine lessons to learn from the life adventure of another.

From her first trip experience as a teenager to dealing with the fallout of adult experiences, this book flows like a stream of consciousness that is fascinating, troubling at times, and hard to pull away from.

It really helps you to understand the foundational motivations for the current projects that author Bett Williams is currently engaged with.

The narrative flows smoothly while still providing a perspective regarding mushroom use so it feels like you’re enjoying a story while learning.


There is so much content on the market today regarding mushrooms so it is refreshing to dive into the unique tale of an individual that is willing to share her story and experience with psilocybin mushroom use.

The descriptive terms used really help to engage the reader as this book flows smoothly from one arc to the next.

Again, you can really feel like you’re reading someone’s diary, enjoying a story, and learning about mushroom use at the same time from a one-of-a-kind perspective.

If you are interested in seeing for yourself what “The Wild Kindness” has to offer you can acquire your copy here:


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