Fewer lung injuries in legal cannabis states, AMA study finds (Newsletter: April 8, 2020) - Grow Life 420

Fewer lung injuries in legal cannabis states, AMA study finds (Newsletter: April 8, 2020)

April 08, 2020

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NYC marijuana testing ban exceptions; Antiques Roadshow medical kit’s cannabis smoked; Psychedelics reform group takes next step

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A new study published by the American Medical Association examining the spate of vaping-related lung injuries last year found that “recreational marijuana states had among the lowest EVALI rates of all states.” Echoing a point made by legal cannabis advocates throughout the crisis, researchers surmised that “in recreational states, people tend to purchase marijuana products at legal dispensaries, which may be less likely to sell the contaminated products that are thought to cause EVALI.”

The New York City Commission on Human Rights proposed exemptions to a ban on pre-employment marijuana testing taking effect in May. Workers who will not be protected include those working in or with construction, gas and power lines and heavy machinery, as well as those who drive for work on a near-daily basis.

Psychedelics advocacy group Society for Psychedelic Outreach, Reform and Education (SPORE) recently took a step toward securing nonprofit status and brought in a sizable donation from Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. Marijuana Moment caught up with founder Kevin Matthews to talk about what’s next for the movement.

Antiques Roadshow featured a 100-year-old medical kit with 288 containers of “various medical roots, medical herbs and all kinds of natural remedies” but the owner’s brother smoked the marijuana that was in one. The set is still worth $5,000-7,000, however.


The Food and Drug Administration sent letters warning two more companies to stop making claims that their CBD products could prevent or treat coronavirus.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit ruled that the Internal Revenue Service is within its right to request that Colorado regulators turn over records about medical cannabis dispensary Standing Akimbo LLC as part of an audit centered on compliance with the 280E tax provision.

The federal trial of the former Fall River, Massachusetts mayor who was indicted on charges of allegedly extorting marijuana companies has been delayed for several months.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse tweeted, “#DYK that traces of #marijuana stay in your body for weeks after use and can cause you to fail a drug test weeks later?”

Former U.S. senator and Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee, who recently ended a bid for the Libertatian Party’s presidential nomination, said he supports a “see how it goes” phased-in legalization of drugs, starting with marijuana and then moving on to “plant medicines.”

Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Jeff Merkley (D-OR) sent a press release about a letter they and other senators recently authored calling for marijuana businesses to be able to access federal loans and disaster relief programs.


Arizona’s attorney general is urging the state Supreme Court to delay considering a request from the organizers of a proposed marijuana legalization ballot measure and other campaigns to collect signatures electronically, which could make it impossible to gather necessary submissions by the deadline.

Massachusetts regulators issued an amended order allowing shuttered recreational marijuana businesses to transfer inventory to serve the growing “essential” medical cannabis market during the coronavirus pandemic.

Oklahoma regulators extended the deadline for all medical cannabis products to be tested prior to being sold from April 1 to July 1.

New Jersey’s health commissioner spoke about steps the state is taking to keep medical cannabis businesses open and serving patients during the coronavirus outbreak.

Illinois regulators announced the awarding of additional secondary site adult-use marijuana licenses.

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The Clark County, Nevada County Commission is asking the state attorney general whether marijuana businesses can offer drive-thru services.

Santa Clara County, California officials are being pressured by state lawmakers and San Jose City Council members to end a ban on in-store recreational marijuana sales.


Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said the country is considering legalizing medical cannabis.

New Zealand regulators began accepting medical cannabis business license applications.

Activists delivered a pound of marijuana to the residence of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Ontario, Canada officials are allowing marijuana businesses to do delivery and curbside pickup amid the coronavirus outbreak.


A study concluded that “effective treatment with medicinal cannabis might be compromised by health‐care providers’ negative attitudes, stigma and subjective norms.”

A study found that “the quality of over-the-counter CBD products in the United Kingdom can be substandard, particularly with regard to CBD content, and often contains levels of controlled substances.”


The president of Green Thumb Industries Inc. stepped down.

Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. reported quarterly revenue of $37.8 million and a net loss of $88.9 million.

Ben & Jerry’s tweeted about a myth that the company got its start by selling cannabis-infused ice cream at music festivals in the 1960’s and ‘70’s.


Musician Melissa Etheridge spoke about her support for The Last Prisoner Project, which works on behalf of people incarcerated for marijuana.

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