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Book Review: The Emperor Wears No Clothes – Updated

April 17, 2020

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Friday Book Club: “The Emperor Wears No Clothes: A History of Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana” by Jack Herer

Today we have the opportunity to discuss the modernized and updated version of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes: A History of Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana” by one of the cannabis industry’s most prolific figures, Jack Herer.

I mean, the guy has a potent strain named after him. That’s serious credentials in the marijuana world.

Let’s take a moment to break down what is new to the book and the preexisting valuable content that new readers will absolutely benefit from learning.

Jack Herer has so much packed into this powerhouse of a book so let’s get to it then!

-Topic Focus-

Here you will find that legendary author Jack Herer has put together a powerful comprehensive guide to the history, societal implications, industrial/medical uses, and more when it comes to cannabis/hemp.

“The Emperor Wears No Clothes” has been updated for the modern times with updated scientific data, access to Herer’s original research, links to useful articles/videos, and much more by Bruce Michael Dietzen.

There are also sections dedicated to the history of legality surrounding cannabis, the dirty politics that lead to such policies, and just who exactly has profited from such laws.

-About the Author-

Very few people in the cannabis/hemp space do not know who Jack Herer was.

Jack was a solid ally for all cannabis proponents for over 30 years as he had dedicated much of his life to the cause. He started as a seller of glass pipes and ended up becoming a well-known activist and author in the marijuana culture. Many modern activists and cannabis proponents cite Herer as a key influence and inspiration.

Jack Herer was inducted into the “Counter Culture Hall of Fame”, was on the frontlines of the legalization battle, and has a potent sativa-dominant strain named in his honor.

It is also worth noting that this modernized version of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” was updated by Bruce Michael Dietzen. Dietzen is an entrepreneur with a passion for introducing Carbon Negative Fiber hemp products as solutions to existing industries.

-Reading Experience-

There is a reason that many other prolific authors and activists in the cannabis world refer to “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer as “The Bible of Hemp” as many see this book as a must-have for anyone who has serious intentions to contribute and grow the marijuana movements.

This book is so potent with the amount of information available when it comes to cannabis so reviewing the table of contents helps to further break down and understand the volume of content available in this book.

From the history of cannabis, the various uses, medical information, economic data, available resources, and so much more this book continues to offer solid content from start to finish.

The language is very approachable and the tone conveys a degree of professionalism while not shying away from the author’s passion for the topic.


There absolutely is merit to the notion that this book should be considered the “Bible of Hemp”.

The range of information available is wide and has been updated over the years so this already amazing book has been upgraded even further with so much solid content.

One of the biggest threats to cannabis legalization can be a lack of solid information available and this book absolutely arms the reader with a wide array of facts to better fight the war against marijuana prohibition in these modern times.

“The Emperor Wears No Clothes” stays intriguing the whole way by gradually painting a larger picture and the 296 pages can serve as a field guide you may reference back to in the future.

If you would like to get your own updated copy of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” there here you go:

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