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The Elizabeth Warren Plan to Legalize Marijuana

February 24, 2020

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Senator Elizabeth Warren is the latest Democratic Presidential hopeful to release a plan to legalize cannabis if they are elected. It’s similar in many ways to the plan released by Senator Bernie Sanders a few months ago, although it brings about legalization on a less aggressive timeline.

Warren plans on filling her administration with pro-legalization officials in key positions, as well as pushing for legalization on a federal level with expungements, repairing the harm done by the War on Drugs, allowing veterans access to medical marijuana and allowing banking access for cannabis companies.

Another similarity between the Warren and Sanders plans is the singling out of “Big Tobacco” for censure and banishment from the legal cannabis industry. Here’s what I said at the time about Sanders singling out “Big Tobacco”:

I’m not sure what the point of these stipulations is beyond pandering and punishing a specific industry for past transgressions. If there is a real worry about companies that make dangerous products entering the cannabis industry, why do the alcohol and pharmaceutical industries get a pass, for example?

This seems like a silly point to address a non-existent fear. Are you really worried about tobacco companies selling marijuana products? If you don’t want to buy cannabis products from tobacco companies, then simply don’t. In the age of the Internet, it’s not that hard to find out who makes and sells what.

The people who will get to choose who sells marijuana products are the people buying them. If the same company that makes Marlboro makes a great cannabis product and I want to buy it, so what? Why is that the business of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or anyone else who is not me?

Some people will give you various answers to those questions, but they all boil down to adults being too stupid to decide on what to buy so the geniuses in the government need to narrow down the choices and make sure they are all safe enough for you dummies to pick from.

To be frank, I’ve been buying cannabis for over 20 years with zero input from the government, and I think I’ll be able to manage the intricacies of buying legal marijuana when that day comes. If I have a question about anything, I’ll just find the answer.

I appreciate the effort to legalize marijuana on the part of all the candidates that favor that, I really do. But we just need you to rectify the screwups of your predecessors, not tell us how and where to buy marijuana and who to buy it from.



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